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  • Nathan Lang

    Nathan Lang

    Data Scientist. Computer Engineer. Passionate about Machine Learning.

  • Harshal Soni

    Harshal Soni

    I am a Voyager of Machine Learning with an empathetic mission of creating a better society. I do have a Masters and research of sorts. Innovation, bring it on!

  • Himanshu Chandra

    Himanshu Chandra

    Tech enthusiast. I love absorbing new concepts and sharing them with others in the simplest of ways. Reach out on: https://iamjustastudent.com/about

  • Santiago Velez Garcia

    Santiago Velez Garcia

    ML engineer and languages enthusiast.

  • Tirendaz Academy

    Tirendaz Academy

    Data Science | AI | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Programming | Bioinformatics

  • B. Chen

    B. Chen

    Machine Learning practitioner | Formerly health informatics at University of Oxford | Ph.D. | https://www.linkedin.com/in/bindi-chen-aa55571a/

  • Joos Korstanje

    Joos Korstanje

    Data Scientist — Machine Learning — R, Python, AWS, SQL

  • Dr. Gregor Scheithauer

    Dr. Gregor Scheithauer

    Gregor Scheithauer is a consultant, data scientist, and researcher. He is specialized in Process Mining, Process Management, and Data Analytics.

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